Friday, May 6, 2016

The Light On The Drive

If you haven't spent time on "The Drive" you definitely should. One of my favourite pastimes has become sitting in a coffee shop, bar, restaurant, or even just walking down the street and people watching. It's a continuous blend of different people from, the regular next door, to the hippy, to the biker, bohemian, or just plain bizarre. I'm not sure what this means but I have never felt out of place. Some day I would like to live there but until then I'll be an East Van Wannabe.

Here was a photo opportunity not to be missed. 

The other night while with my friend Anna she yelled "Oh look a snake!" and ran outside.  I'm not sure what kind this snake was but as you can see it was large. She quickly charmed the fellow with it into letting her hold it and we got a few photos. 
 Anna sings with Las Divas. They play in and around Vancouver often on Commercial Drive. Like their Facebook page and if you get an opportunity go to one of their shows. No bias here when I say they're great. Well maybe a little but go see them and you will know why.  

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